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The Barrow County Sheriff's Office Domestic Violence Unit, otherwise known as V.I.P.E.R., is comprised of departmental employees from various divisions within the sheriff's office. The desire of this unit is to better serve the community by reducing the incidents of domestic violence within Barrow County, respond aggressively to acts of family violence, act as family victim advocates following violent encounters, and train other law enforcement officers to respond similarly.

A Name to Remember


What does it stand for? 

V: Violent                                      

I: Incident                                      

P: Process                                      

E: Enforcement and                       

R: Response

Our Members

Lieutenant W. Driggers - Unit Chairperson/Site Creator (Uniformed Patrol)
Deputy C. Jackson - Unit Co-Chairperson (Uniformed Patrol Division)
Major T. Druse - Founder/Treasurer (Uniformed Patrol)
Deputy K. Smith - Notetaker (School Resource)
Sergeant F. Spaulding - Instructor (Criminal Investigations)

Captain M. Peak - (Uniformed Patrol)
Deputy A. Bush - (Uniformed Patrol)
Deputy W. Myers - (Uniformed Patrol)

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